Your Information and Records

Information, whether electronic or on paper, is at the heart of medical care. Information must be quickly and easily retrieved. When this is true, duplicate testing, delays and misunderstandings are avoided and patient knowledge is increased. Patients’ grasp and control of their medical data is enhanced. The physician has quick and accurate access to past information.

The health chart tabulator is the Premium Medical Home’s initiative to have medical information available that will save time, money and can contribute to improved outcomes. Benefits like this, of course, do not come without effort and do not come free. The Premium Medical Home doctor will create a health chart Tabulator that centralizes your information from different sites of care. This health chart Tabulator is a copyright process or method of presenting information that can be used by the patient, other physicians or providers and the Premium Medical Home physician as well. Currently this is used in paper form, but can be made available either in a portable electronic or web-based style.

In addition, in accord with standard medical practice, a paper or electronic chart will be maintained.