Coronavirus (COVID-19) – effective 3/9/20

We continue to monitor coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Tarrant County Department of Public Health Department, and local hospitals. These recommendations and measures are meant to help us and you! We are instituting policies to protect our staff, patients, families and communities. We want to help stop the epidemic.

Please read all the following as it will answer questions you have or that may come up. We are happy to answer questions individually, however reading this first will help.


1. Upper respiratory symptoms WITHOUT FEVER
If you have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection (cough, congestion, sore throat) without a fever, (temperature less than 100 degrees F) that is less than two weeks in duration, we recommend home care. We do not recommend that you come in for an in-person visit. This is what we currently do for most common colds, but it is even more important with Coronavirus to avoid clinic visits when you have a cough. If your symptoms are atypical or more severe, then call, email, or facetime.

2. Lower respiratory symptoms WITH FEVER
If you have lower respiratory symptoms (cough) and a fever (temperature at or greater than 100F), call us. We will arrange a meeting, if needed by video or in person. But we need to minimize office visits. Always call first. Never walk into the office with cough and fever.

3. Remember we are available to help you and give guidance 24 hours a day.

Reminders on Fever

Fever is 100F or higher measured with a thermometer. If you don’t have a thermometer, get one. “Feeling” a fever is a start, but measurement is better.


Coronavirus testing is rapidly evolving. We are working out the exact specifics with our lab. If you need a test, call first. Do not walk in. Call first.

We are taking measures to avoid clinic visits because it could be dangerous to our staff and other patients if an individual enters our clinic carrying COVID-19 (later found by testing). If you develop coronavirus, we will provide care at the hospital, ER, or your home. We will help you and your family. The Tarrant County Public Health Department will be notified and give guidance. We are integrating video calling into our work, and it is helpful.


I recommend that businesses be prepared. Have plans in place for employees to work remotely if possible. If an employee is having any respiratory symptoms, they should avoid coming to work. DO NOT require they see a doctor for a note. I am happy to discuss this further with employers. Employees with fever at or over 100F, especially if they have respiratory symptoms, should not come to work and should call their doctor.

Final Thoughts

We have put together this plan to help fight the spread of this illness to our community. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and efforts to work with us to promote good outcomes and to stop the epidemic of COVID-19.

And we continue efforts to promote safety here in the clinic. We keep waiting times short and minimize too many people in the waiting area. We are using new disinfectant products in our cleaning. We will encourage patients and staff to use hand sanitizer or soap before and after visits. We will look at reusable items and address possible risks there as well. We will not lessen our devotion to the best interest of our patients.