929 College Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Private Practice of Medicine and Geriatrics
Robert H. Kelly, MD

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929 College Avenue Fort Worth, TX  76104
Phone (817) 336-3431
Fax (817) 336-5821

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Answering Service: (817) 294-6224

Questions and Problems?

Call Dr. Kelly or the office, if you have any questions or problems.

In an emergency, if uncertain, then call 911 first.  If time allows, you may call Dr. Kelly for further guidance. If you go to the hospital in an emergency, direct the ambulance to Texas Healthcare Harris Hospital in downtown Fort Worth.  If you do have a chance to talk to Dr. Kelly first or hear the message at the office, it will advise you which hospital is being used at that time.  Dr. Kelly prefers to personally visit each patient who goes to the emergency room.

Questions about billing are best written and mailed to the office.  We can then research and respond within a week.  Always send copies of any insurance papers, too.