You Can Reach Our Dedicated Clinicians at Any Time


Our goal is to be available either by phone, text message, email, video, or at the office all the time.

When circumstances do not permit your clinician's availability, we will always ensure that your medical needs are taken care of by an experienced clinician with access to your medical information.

Our PMH clinicians are available by phone, text, video, or email 24 hours a day. In the event our clinicians are not available, we will always ensure that your Premium Medical Home can meet your need or direct you on a path to provide excellent care to meet your routine and emergency medical needs.

Our PMH patients will often ask in an emergency situation why they cannot come to our office first rather than going to the emergency room.

If you cannot speak directly with your PMH clinician, then evaluation and treatment are quickly available at facilities designed to provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your PMH clinicians work closely with 24 hours emergency facilities in the area in order to make sure that the continuity of your medical information is maintained. We work with both Baylor and Harris Hospital emergency rooms in downtown Fort Worth to maintain continuity of your care. We commonly see our patients in the emergency room.

PMH patients are given specific information about handling emergency situations when traveling out of the area. You have access to your PMH clinician when you are out of town via phone, text, video, and email. If you should find yourself in an emergency situation while out of town, please obtain emergency care right away and keep your PMH clinician advised of your situation and any medical advice and support for your emergency needs.

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If treatment is needed, treatment should be sought

Our reply will always be in your best interests. Emergency rooms are equipped with machines and medicines to immediately diagnose and treat emergencies. The minutes you take coming to your doctor’s office first can make a very serious difference in the outcome. We will always use emergency services prudently, and we will work with you to make the best decision for you and your situation.

…thank you for your wonderful care. You were out of town and I had an emergency situation. Your staff assisted me with speed and professionalism. After discussing my situation, I went to the ER and it was a life saver! I was so relieved when you came to see me in the hospital after I was admitted. I am so appreciative for all you do…..

Although we may have to direct you to another medical professional,

PMH will always ensure that you are taken care of at the highest and most valuable level of care because:

In keeping with our PMH patient goals, we will strive to ensure that you are equipped to handle both routine and emergency health care problems in a manner that focuses on your best interests.